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Tony Robbins BooksTony Robbins, an American author, businessman, and philanthropist has authored three bestselling books till now Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within, and Money: Master the Game.

Besides the life-changing books, Anthony Robbins’ seminars in Sydney also attract thousands of people every year.

Tony Robbins’ Top Books

Unlimited Power (1986):

Unlimited Power, the first book of Tony Robbins, focuses on the science of personal achievement. The book will teach you the art of accomplishing an excellent lifestyle that you deserve and desire as well as the technique by which you can master your professional and personal life.

In this book, Tony mentions The Power of Modeling, a concept that he uses from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). The author teaches several NLP patterns and techniques in this book that can help to gain confidence, change your beliefs, change negative attitude and behavior, and get rid of a habit that is pinning you down.

The book shows you:

* The seven lies of success.

* The technique to find out your true desire.

* The art of establishing instant rapport with the people you meet.

* The methods by which you can reprogram your mind to get rid of any phobias and fears.

Awaken the Giant Within (1991):

Awaken the Giant Within, the second book of Tony Robbins, is a book that teaches us how to achieve change by raising our standards and having the belief that we can accomplish them. The book speaks the author’s philosophy about pleasure and pain and how the behavior patterns and likes and dislikes of a person evolve from pleasure and pain. In this book, Tony says that if one associate immense pleasure and pain to anything, he or she can utilize this understanding to make use of the power of pleasure and pain to transform anything in their life.

The book shows you:

* The concept of constant and never ending improvement

* The concept of neuro-associative conditioning

* The power of decision making

* The power of judgment

* The power of focus and concentration

* The impact of emotions and words in a person’s life

* How to change negative belief system

* How to take control of our actions

* How to identify if rules empower you or not

Money: The Master Game (2014):

Here’s his interview on Marie TV

In Money: The Master Game, Tony explains the seven simple steps by which you can achieve financial freedom. The author explains how a person can accelerate their way to retirement, make an income plan for a lifetime, protect their money from the highs and lows of the market, and find unusual financial products that generate more returns compared with conventional products.

The book equips its readers with the necessary tools for controlling their financial future in an efficient and effective manner. The book is effective in helping people in accomplishing financial success.

The book shows you:

* How to set aside your money for investing and saving

* How to invest smartly in mutual funds

* How to speed up your financial progress

* How to know where to invest

* How to build income sources to last a lifetime

* How to invest smartly that will yield more returns

The three bestsellers authored by Tony Robbins are very informative and offer a variety of perspectives to live up to our full potential, harness the power of positivity, and make better decisions in both personal and professional spheres of our lives.

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