How to Set Goals

A famous coach Tony Robbins in Sydney shares his special methods of teaching people how to set goals and create a breakthrough. Those methods have assisted many people in achieving significant results in different areas of their lives. Robbins suggests there are no lazy people, there are just impotent goals.

The secret is simple, by setting goals you turn invisible to visible. The more precisely you visualize your aims, the more chances you give the Universe to help you in making them real. The goal is the future you are about to create. Even though you do not know how to achieve this goal yet, if you find the strong reason, you will eventually find your way. And this is the very first step – to set a goal big enough to excite you and make barely seize it.

There was a story of a lady, who set a goal in making 100 000 dollars in next 7 weeks, which did not correspond with her personal annual income. Moreover, she did not have any financial plan. It sounded quite unrealistic, but the woman was committed enough to achieve her goal, so the couch did not stand on her way. In six and a half weeks this woman came back. She made exactly $100 000 that she won in a lottery. Later she set another goal and made $200 000, again through the lottery. With this example, it is not suggested to depend on a lottery ticket rather than on the idea that manifesting of the goals might be far beyond our conscious understanding.

After hearing this story, another couple from Detroit, who decided to repeat the same experiment but setting much higher goal – to win 1 million dollars. It was not the reason why the story was told, but the people stood their ground. They followed all the instructions – set their goals, got strong wires, created the pressure and made them so real, so it felt like the couple had already achieved them. And this is what happens when your brain believes that something has already happened, something clicks, and in short time your goal becomes truly real, shaped in a physical world. Even though it sounds quite metaphysical, but this is what worked for other people too. The couple came back, and shared their story of success, as they have won that lottery! It happened only from the third lottery ticket, but the outcome was more than one million dollars.

The story became legendary across the USA and proved an idea of the power of our imagination. To let it happened, first, you have to make a picture in your mind. And it is not only about money. Think about what relationships, people, skills and jobs you have in your life right now, that once were nothing but a goal. The current moment is exactly the right time to create new things for future.

So when you set goals, you must believe you can achieve it and it’s possible for you. Otherwise, it will be ver hard to achieve as you haven’t seen it in your mind. Most importantly, you must take action to bring your dreams into reality.

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