How to Set Goals

How to Set Goals and Attract Success

A famous coach Tony Robbins in Sydney shares his special methods of teaching people how to set goals and create a breakthrough. Those methods have assisted many people in achieving significant results in different areas of their lives. Robbins suggests there are no lazy people, there are just impotent goals.

The secret is simple, by setting goals you turn invisible to visible. The more precisely you visualize your aims, the more chances you give the Universe to help you in making them real. The goal is the future you are about to create. Even though you do not know how to achieve this goal yet, if you find the strong reason, you will eventually find your way. And this is the very first step – to set a goal big enough to excite you and make barely seize it.

There was a story of a lady, who set a goal in making 100 000 dollars in next 7 weeks, which did not correspond with her personal annual income. Moreover, she did not have any financial plan. It sounded quite unrealistic, but the woman was committed enough to achieve her goal, so the couch did not stand on her way. In six and a half weeks this woman came back. She made exactly $100 000 that she won in a lottery. Later she set another goal and made $200 000, again through the lottery. With this example, it is not suggested to depend on a lottery ticket rather than on the idea that manifesting of the goals might be far beyond our conscious understanding.

After hearing this story, another couple from Detroit, who decided to repeat the same experiment but setting much higher goal – to win 1 million dollars. It was not the reason why the story was told, but the people stood their ground. They followed all the instructions – set their goals, got strong wires, created the pressure and made them so real, so it felt like the couple had already achieved them. And this is what happens when your brain believes that something has already happened, something clicks, and in short time your goal becomes truly real, shaped in a physical world. Even though it sounds quite metaphysical, but this is what worked for other people too. The couple came back, and shared their story of success, as they have won that lottery! It happened only from the third lottery ticket, but the outcome was more than one million dollars.

The story became legendary across the USA and proved an idea of the power of our imagination. To let it happened, first, you have to make a picture in your mind. And it is not only about money. Think about what relationships, people, skills and jobs you have in your life right now, that once were nothing but a goal. The current moment is exactly the right time to create new things for future.

So when you set goals, you must believe you can achieve it and it’s possible for you. Otherwise, it will be ver hard to achieve as you haven’t seen it in your mind. Most importantly, you must take action to bring your dreams into reality.

Tony Robbins Books

Top Books by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins BooksTony Robbins, an American author, businessman, and philanthropist has authored three bestselling books till now Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within, and Money: Master the Game.

Besides the life-changing books, Anthony Robbins’ seminars in Sydney also attract thousands of people every year.

Tony Robbins’ Top Books

Unlimited Power (1986):

Unlimited Power, the first book of Tony Robbins, focuses on the science of personal achievement. The book will teach you the art of accomplishing an excellent lifestyle that you deserve and desire as well as the technique by which you can master your professional and personal life.

In this book, Tony mentions The Power of Modeling, a concept that he uses from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). The author teaches several NLP patterns and techniques in this book that can help to gain confidence, change your beliefs, change negative attitude and behavior, and get rid of a habit that is pinning you down.

The book shows you:

* The seven lies of success.

* The technique to find out your true desire.

* The art of establishing instant rapport with the people you meet.

* The methods by which you can reprogram your mind to get rid of any phobias and fears.

Awaken the Giant Within (1991):

Awaken the Giant Within, the second book of Tony Robbins, is a book that teaches us how to achieve change by raising our standards and having the belief that we can accomplish them. The book speaks the author’s philosophy about pleasure and pain and how the behavior patterns and likes and dislikes of a person evolve from pleasure and pain. In this book, Tony says that if one associate immense pleasure and pain to anything, he or she can utilize this understanding to make use of the power of pleasure and pain to transform anything in their life.

The book shows you:

* The concept of constant and never ending improvement

* The concept of neuro-associative conditioning

* The power of decision making

* The power of judgment

* The power of focus and concentration

* The impact of emotions and words in a person’s life

* How to change negative belief system

* How to take control of our actions

* How to identify if rules empower you or not

Money: The Master Game (2014):

Here’s his interview on Marie TV

In Money: The Master Game, Tony explains the seven simple steps by which you can achieve financial freedom. The author explains how a person can accelerate their way to retirement, make an income plan for a lifetime, protect their money from the highs and lows of the market, and find unusual financial products that generate more returns compared with conventional products.

The book equips its readers with the necessary tools for controlling their financial future in an efficient and effective manner. The book is effective in helping people in accomplishing financial success.

The book shows you:

* How to set aside your money for investing and saving

* How to invest smartly in mutual funds

* How to speed up your financial progress

* How to know where to invest

* How to build income sources to last a lifetime

* How to invest smartly that will yield more returns

The three bestsellers authored by Tony Robbins are very informative and offer a variety of perspectives to live up to our full potential, harness the power of positivity, and make better decisions in both personal and professional spheres of our lives.

Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

Top 7 Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

If you think life is a bed of roses, you will find that beneath the sweet smelling flowers lie numerous sharp thorns.

Sometimes even the best one among us faces difficulties in managing himself. Maintaining our peace of mind, keeping ourselves motivated, utilizing our time productively and performing at our level best needs proper guidance. In such times, we look towards our family, friends, and well-wishers.

However, we don’t find desired results most of the times in spite of the intervention of our loved ones. It is because despite having the best intentions our near and dear ones don’t have the competence and expertise of a professional life coach.

Life coaches are trained professionals who are passionate about improving the lives of their clients and help them to achieve their goals and live up to their maximum potential.

Why You Should Hire A Life Coach

Here are the top seven benefits of seeking the assistance of a life coach:

#1. Gives You Clarity about Your Dreams and Aspirations

Seeking help from a life coach will give us the clarity to know our dreams, aspirations, and goals. A life coach can connect us to our heart’s longings and can help us find out what we desire. Seeking the help of a life coach can assist us in determining our priorities and necessities.

#2. Helps to Strike a Perfect Balance in Life

Clichéd as it may sound, but the balance is the key to a good life. We tend to get frustrated and stressed out if we don’t strike a right balance in our lives and this affects our well-being, productivity, peace of mind and health. These, in turn, inhibit us from achieving our goals and living up to our full potential. A life coach can help us in attaining a perfect balance in our lives.

#3. Taps into Your Full Potential

Seeking the help of a life coach can help people reach their full potential. The steps taken by the life coach will fill the person with motivation, enthusiasm, zest for life and positivity. When people are motivated to work towards achieving their goals, they always make extra efforts. One of the seminars you can attend to learn how to tap into your potential is Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within event in Australia. It’s normally held once a year in Sydney. If you are a fan of Tony, it’s high recommended that you should go to this event.

#4. Gives You Unbiased Input

Benefits of Hiring a Life CoachIf you seek the help of your closed ones and ask them to point out your shortcomings and limitations, they may not be able to tell you. In fact, they may hide your mistakes to save you from feeling miserable. However, a life coach will make no concessions on this and will point out the things that hold you back.

#5. Makes You More Responsible for Your Actions and Commitments

When you seek the help of a life coach, you tend to be more accountable for your actions and commitments. A life coach helps you to become more disciplined, and he ensures that you own your actions and commitments and take them seriously.

#6. Helps You to Grow as a Person

To help you grow as a person, a life coach will make you undertake activities which are out of your comfort zone. You will be exposed to newer perspectives, experiences, and ideas when a life coach works with you.

Watch this video to discover how to step up and be a force for good:

#7. Shifts the Focus on YOU

Pressed under busy schedule and tight deadlines, people seldom spend time for their development. Hiring a life coach helps you to give yourself the much needed time and focus on yourself.

So, if you find yourself confused and depressed, seek the help of a life coach who can bring miraculous change in your life.